Overwatch Quiz: How Well Do You Know Reaper?

Everyone's favourite edgelord has a LOT going under the mask.

Blizzard Entertainment

Despite being the butt of all MCR jokes in relation to the Overwatch universe, Reaper is actually one of the most interesting characters in the whole game. Not surprising for a guy who went from the greatest hero of Overwatch to one of its greatest enemies.

But how well do you really know former Overwatch Strike Commander, Gabriel Reyes?

With all the mystery surrounding his fall, this is one of Overwatch's greatest questions, which every big lore drop from the Retribution Event to beyond is looking to answer.

For now, though, let's work with what we have and see how much you know about Overwatch's fan-favourite, skull-faced edgelord.

1. Where Is Reaper From?


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