Overwatch: Ranking Every Cinematic Short (So Far)

How is there not an Overwatch movie at this point?!


The Overwatch cinematic shorts may single-handedly be responsible for half the purchases of the game itself, and even more so their extensive merchandise sales. They unite gamers and non-gamers alike with their above and beyond storytelling prowess, and have people wishing for films and TV series as much as more levels or characters in the game.

Though Overwatch itself may be enjoyable and endlessly playable, it's Blizzard's sense of animation design and storytelling that makes its property so compelling, with nothing emphasising that sense more than their cinematic shorts. At first created to get people excited for the game, Overwatch has since released multiple stories in short film form, often to accompany a new event or map, but largely to expand on their complex story and lore.

With each short showing levels of artistry that rival Pixar, the astounding levels of quality, storytelling and emotional depth shows real mastery of the storytelling and world-building. Here are all of Overwatch's cinematics released so far, ranked from "least great" (because none of them are even remotely bad) to truly amazing.

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