PAX East 2013: 5 Games That Ruled The Expo

The Penny Arcade Expo is one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast, hosting gamers and developers from all…

Joshua Lloyd-Jones



The Penny Arcade Expo is one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast, hosting gamers and developers from all walks of life. Whether you focus on consoles or PC gaming, there’s something for everyone with a large variety of developers travelling to exhibit their latest masterpiece. It isn’t the first time that I’ve attended the convention but I took the time from a lot of demos and interviews to decide on my five favorites games. It was an extremely tough decision, seeing so many amazing titles but I’ve tried to pick titles that you’ve either not heard much about or have never heard of before – because everyone knows about the latest Saints Row or Assassins Creed and I believe you need to escape the usual games a little bit sometimes to get the most out of the hobby. The following games are in no particular order and each are incredible in their own right; I’d love to be able to mention more because so many were deserving.

5. Two Brothers

Two Brothers

  • Developer: Ackkstudios
  • Platform: PC/WiiU/Xbox360/OSX

Two Brothers is an indie game from developer Ackkstudios, set in a nostalgic RPG style, comparative in looks and feel to the likes of classics such as Legend Of Zelda, which seems to bring back a lot of what modern games have strayed from.

The game has a very homely feel to it and follows the tale of two brothers, one of which dies briefly and finds the wonders of color in the afterlife. He is determined to bring colors into his world through science and his adventure requires him to travel back and forth, with his new found gift of resurrection, from the afterlife in order to solve puzzles and keys.

I found the game to be a very refreshing return to the retro-RPG genre. The old school gameplay and plot make it one for any fan of the original Zelda games and other RPGs of the sort.

4. Wildstar

A Cartoon Style MMORPG With All The Freedom You Could Want!

  • Developer: Carbine-Studios
  • Platform: PC

Wildstar is an MMORPG game with a few differences. Apart from it’s impressive cartoon-style environment, the sheer scope of customization is enough to catch any MMO fan. Within the game you can make your character unique with an advanced slider and dye system spanning multiple races. You also have the ability to customize your mount and player-housing. Your house can be decorated from the wallpaper to what you have in it, including trophies from instances and raids.

The main thing to catch my eye was the flagships in PvP, housing items that you’ve found in raids and dungeons once more but these are useful – from cannons to radar systems. The flagships can be boarded in PvP and all the items on your ship are permanently destroyed once attacked!

I’m very excited to see the kind of hardcore devotion it’s players will bring to the table.