So we all know about Ash, Pikachu, and the various members of the Pokemon cast. Be it old school ’90s Gen I fans, or brand new fans of the Black and White anime series and game franchise, Pokemon is a pretty universal thing that unites people better than the UN ever has (probably). To celebrate that fact, here are 5 Pokefacts that you probably didn’t know about the Pokemon franchise.


5. You Can Thank Insect Collecting For Pokemon


That’s right: Pokemon was inspired by creator Satoshi Tajiri’s love of collector insects as a child. If it wasn’t for that wonderful hobby, then he may have never thought up the idea for us to capture, collect, and catalog these creatures. One of the key features that makes these games so enjoyable to most older players is that they want more  of a challenge.

This love also explains the fact that some of the first Pokemon you can catch in the game (not counting the starters) are bug-type Pokemon: what better way to thank the insects that made Tajiri a mega-billionaire?

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This article was first posted on February 11, 2013