Pokémon GO: 7 Sinnoh Pokémon We Can’t Wait To Catch

7. Giratina


Lord of the Pokémon Underworld. You’d think the Pokémon devil might be a little higher up the list, but there’s a few reasons why it’s our starting point.

For one, there was a flash of those devilish eyes in the trailer. This suggests that once MewTwo’s stint is over, Giratina will be the next legendary raid. While that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all get excited about it, it does mean anyone with a decent sized raiding group will have one soon.

Second, the design. While Gen 3 took a bit of heat for lack of imagination, Gen 4 was a return to form. However, Giratina looks less like the devil and more like a maggot that’s crawled through some rusted staples. Maybe that explains why this beast is so angry all the time.

Finally, this guy is just hella scary. We know it’s Halloween soon and all, but this thing is too fearsome to carry around in your back pocket. Do you really think the devil won’t take revenge on you for cramming it into a tiny plastic ball all day?

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