Pokémon GO Gen 2: 9 New Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Make sure you've got the new Pokéball technique down.

Pokemon go

It seems a long time ago now, but back in the summer of '16 the most pressing thing in the news was that people we're running around their local parks trying to catch Pokémon. Nothing about the end of the world or impending nuclear war, just your friends and family getting excited about their first Pidgey. Strap yourself in, friends. That was only seven months ago.

It'll come as some relief from the horrors of literally every single day then, that Niantic have unleashed the long rumoured Gen 2 on the unsuspecting masses. Where Pokémon GO! originally launched with the titular characters from Nintendo's original Pokémon Blue and Red games, the latest installment of the app now includes the additional 80 monsters unveiled in the follow ups, Gold and Silver.

For veteran players of the original games, it's pretty cool to see yet more of their favourites rendered in the real world. For people whose experience extends no further than Go!, it's injected some much needed life into the app. It can't quite wind back the clock to a simpler time, but it does give us all yet another excuse to get out there and enjoy the game again.

But, as with any update, the newer versions are littered with just as many little tricks and techniques as the original. New secrets, new methods, new Pokémon. Welcome to Gen 2...

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