Pokémon Switch: 8 Rumors & Details You Need To Know

Real-time combat is looking more likely than ever.


The handheld shell that's contained Game Freak's renowned franchise has shattered. Finally, after 22 years (give or take) of waiting, Pokémon - that is, the mainline series - will finally be leaving its roots behind for new beginnings on Nintendo's exponentially more powerful hybrid platform. But when, exactly, is the big day penciled in for?

That, as well as a plethora of other queries in regards to Pikachu and friends' debut on Switch, remain up in the air, but as is always the case prior to the commencement of a new Generation, Pokéfans already have one finger on the pulse in regards to any and all morsels - official or otherwise - of information that could shed light on the next adventure.

What fate befell Pokémon Stars? Will Mega Evolution return? Does Game Freak plan to initiate a drastic shake-up of the series' tried and tested turn-based formula? Nobody can provide the answers to those burning questions with utmost certainty, but if these rumours hold any truth, then, well, Pokémon Switch could be the biggest change of the status quo since 1996.

Until the time comes that Game Freak and the Big N are ready to open the floodgates, everything that follows should be taken with the appropriate dose of salt, no matter the source.

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