Prototype 2: Heller Vs. APC

If you’re curious to see the sheer brutality of SGT James Heller check out IGN’s APC destruction video.

Michael Shelton


If it hasn’t been made clear already yet, Sgt. James Heller is a badass in Prototype 2. With your wife and child dead, and you as a soldier left to die, vengeance becomes your only option.

With his sole mission being to navigate through New York Zero, nothing is going to stop him. Newly infected, and out for revenge, expect gallons of blood to spill, and countless explosions to occur. As in the first, players will be able to build up a gentic bank of deadly biological weapons. Shapeshifting powers are back and stronger than ever. Hunting Mercer down is set to be a high octane, adrenaline fueled experience.

No armored vehicles appear to even be a challenge for Heller. Tearing apart helicopters with swift and deadly attacks, and APCs won’t be able to escape his wrath either. Rip apart it’s secondary weapon and you have a mobile heat seeking TOW launcher, simply awaiting to rip apart your enemies. The Hammerfist is back and one of the best attacks for decimating you metal foes.

If you’re curious to see the sheer brutality of SGT James Heller check out IGN’s APC destruction video. It’s definitely a sight to see, and if you were a fan of the original Prototype 2 is a title that is shaping up to improve on every aspect of the original. Be excited.