PS VR: Ranking All Launch Games From Worst To Best

The ones that deserve your money and the rest you should avoid.

PS playstation VR

At long last, Sony's hotly-anticipated PlayStation VR headset is almost upon us. With the arrival of new hardware comes a slew of launch titles, often ranging from the middling to the magnificent. But, no matter which way they fall, they're sure to be an eye-opening first look into the wonderful world of virtual reality gaming.

Sony's fancy new device has a pretty massive launch line-up and some of the games look like they could really come out of the gate swinging. With big names like Guerrilla Cambridge and Rocksteady at the helm of some of PS VR's very first titles, Sony are really attempting to make an impression with their first wave of games.

But which of these launch games actually look any good? Are they all bite-size 'experiences', or are some fully-fledged titles?

PS VR's arrival is very soon (October 13th) so it's time to dive in and decide which of the launch games look worth strapping a silly-looking pair of goggles to your face for.


24. Loading Human

Loading Human is a first-person, sci-fi adventure game being developed by Untold Games. The premise looks interesting - you're summoned to an interstellar adventure with the goal of finding something called the Quintessence, which will allow you to reverse the process of ageing.

However, Loading Human is an episodic adventure and Chapter 1 (the only chapter available at launch), will set you back a hefty $39.99. Yikes.

The developer states that the game isn't on-rails, but there doesn't appear to be true movement freedom - instead, there's an implemented 'point and go' system that will help you walk around. It certainly looks intriguing, but single-player, narrative-driven experiences historically don't offer a lot of replay value.

For that kind of money, it might be best to wait on reviews.


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