PS3 Wireless Controller Getting Midas Touch

Sony is readying to sale an exclusive gold wireless PS3 controller, exclusively at Gamestop.

Michael Shelton


Are you one of those gamers who enjoys having a little variety in your gaming hardware? Well lucky you, because Gamestop recently revealed their brand new Gold wireless controller that will be retailing for $54.99. Gamestop will be exclusively selling the controller online and in-stores, but I can only imagine that fans will be able to find the new controller on Amazon and Ebay shortly after release.

So those of you in Europe, fret not, you will surely be able to get your hands on the golden dipped controller at some point.

The controller will be going on sale October 9 of this year, and surely the slick Gold/Black color scheme will be having a few people purchasing it in advance. I can already see myself hiding my gold controller during a gaming session, waiting patiently for someone to look away, and switching them seamlessly. Watching their gasp of amazement, at my hands that turn things to gold, will certainly be worth a laugh or two. Of course, that’s assuming they’ll actually believe I suddenly started turning things to gold. Two words, mutant evolution.

It’s the little things that make life worth it people. It’s the little things.

What do you all think? Do new colors make you go out and pick up a new controller, or are you content with your default gaming device of choice?

Source: Gameinformer