PS4: 10 Essential Launch Games That Must Be Announced

With the PS4 being announced (hopefully) at a press conference in New York on February 20th, people have already began…

Idris Aylwin


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With the PS4 being announced (hopefully) at a press conference in New York on February 20th, people have already began speculating what games will be announced with the launch. Can we expect to see some heavy hitting developers step up to the mark and announce some new games and sequels with jaw-dropping graphics, enticing stories and gameplay that will keep you indoors for days? Perhaps we can expect to see some of our much loved classic games brought into a new light after they’ve been redesigned with sparkling new graphics? Maybe Square Enix will release one of the games they announced 10 years ago with this new console?

Let’s be honest here – good games being released with the PS4? It’s hardly likely, it’s going to be more FPSs, some new accessories that allow 14 year olds to express what they do to my mother in 7 languages and some new motion capture rubbish that means from the comfort of my sofa I can imitate a lemon rolling down a hill.

The problem with the PS4 being announced is that we’re not going to see games that are actually good being announced: we’re going to have people like EA announce a new FIFA game that will revolutionise football on consoles, we’ll have Activision release a new CoD that allows you to take out new enemies (Russians) with futuristic weapons (a gun that locks onto campers and deflects RPGs) and Square Enix will release a new Final Fantasy that’s got more whiny teenagers and scantily clad girls than all of the other games put together.

Let’s just get on with this article before all the happiness in the world dies…


10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4


When I say this game MUST be announced, I don’t mean that I necessarily want it to be announced. When it comes to most games I have no willpower whatsoever and end up buying the sparkly collector’s edition even when I don’t end up playing them. I’ve bought all of the recent CoDs and I don’t know why: apart from an OK-ish story at times they’re downright terrible games that have completely ruined gaming for the younger (13 year olds) generation.

That being said, Activision need to announce this for the new PS4 console because how else are they going to pay for their gold lined sofas? Can you imagine what would happen if they didn’t announce a new Call of Duty this year? God, the horror that would ensure. We’d have millions of teenagers roaming the parks and streets, playing football with their friends and having water balloon fights. Just typing that has me shuddering in fear, please Activision announce Call of Duty for the PS4, the world needs it.