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A photograph has emerged purporting to show the new controller for Sony Entertainment’s upcoming PlayStation 4, which could confirm speculation that the new pad will indeed feature a touchscreen device.

It is similar in design to the DualShock 3 controller used on the PlayStation 3 and while it was initially suggested that the new controller would not feature analogue sticks, those claims appear to be unfounded.

The only notable difference in aesthetic is the omission of the Start and Select buttons, which have been replaced by the touchscreen device which Sony appear to have become accustomed to using following similar technology used in their handheld device PlayStation Vita.

The picture also appears to feature a grill below the touch pad supposedly for an internal speaker or microphone.

Gaming website Kotaku is said to have confirmed with insider sources that the device is indeed genuine, but not whether it is the finished article or just a prototype.

Yesterday we showed you apparently leaked images of the new controller and the two versions are vastly different.

Sony are expected to officially announce the PlayStation 4 console at a conference in New York next Wednesday after releasing a teaser video inviting gamers to “see the future” on February 20th.

It has been suggested the new console will be entitled “Orbis”.

If Sony reveal their PlayStation 4 next Wednesday, Microsoft are expected to follow suit with their Xbox 720. Both consoles could be launched later this year.

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This article was first posted on February 15, 2013