Ranking Every Uncharted Game From Worst To Best

2. Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Uncharted lost legacy
Naughty Dog

I had zero - if not negative - expectations for Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and it came out of nowhere to surpass and exceed every one of them. You can read a full comparison to the mighty Uncharted 4 here, but sufficed to say, less is more when it comes to delivering 'an Uncharted experience'.

By taking all the things you love about Uncharted - the characters, the dialogue, the action set-pieces, light puzzle-solving and gorgeous graphics - and rolling it into an efficient six hour package, it lets those highs stand tall, mitigating any potential lows along the way.

Everything from Chloe and Nadine's brains n' braun dynamic to Lost Legacy's own Last of Us-influenced 'giraffe moment' flows into how the pair grow as real people, climaxing in genuinely the most impressive set-piece Naughty Dog have ever coded.

Lost Legacy proves that when condensed and made to click into place, the Uncharted formula is one of the most satisfying in all of gaming.


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