Red Dead Online: 10 Tips & Tricks To Ensure Victory Every Time

Sick of being insta-killed by headshots? Let's fix that.

Red Dead Lancaster Repeater

Red Dead Online has barely been out a week, but it's already showing the same signs of longevity as its predecessor - GTA Online - did back in the day. This is despite the various issues present with the game's economy, the glitches and all the rest, but still, it's fairly evident that everything that made GTA V's multiplayer so successful is present in Red Dead - for better, or for worse.

By now, it's all too likely that players are looking for ways to become the fastest (and richest) gun in the old west, and though there are a myriad of frustrating, laborious grind-driven ways to make cash in Red Dead Online, one of the most consistent (currently) involves PVP combat. The game currently boasts two dedicated PVP playlists, Showdown Series and Showdown Series (Large), and if you've been playing Red Dead since Online hit, chances are you've attempted at least one of these playlists.

Red Dead Online's PVP combat is as unforgiving as its economy, and though it's not difficult to get to grips with, there are a select few ways to take your game up a level and not just cope with the demands of one-shot kills and random weapon spawns, but to dominate the competition altogether.

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