Red Dead Redemption 2: 15 Disturbing Secrets & Locations You Totally Missed

Aliens, vampires and Death himself are only the beginning.

Red Dead Redemption

Even though Red Dead Redemption 2 spins a pretty straight tale about the dying years of the Wild West and the industrialisation of modern American civilisation, it's still got plenty of quests, Easter eggs and locations steeped in the supernatural. Straight away after launch there were reports that there was some pretty spooky s**t to find out in the wilderness, but nobody really had any idea how many disturbing little things there would be to uncover.

The Old West is full of tall tales as well as real, human depravity, and Rockstar have done a fine job of packing all that mythology into their latest masterpiece. While that on one hand makes for a game that feels rich with detail and history, it also makes for one that manages to scare you silly when you least expect it.

Even worse, you've probably been unaware of just how spooky West Elizabeth and the surrounding areas are unless you've been specifically trying to find all of the creepy clues and terrifying creatures hiding just out of sight.


15. Aliens

Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the most interesting Easter eggs in GTA V concerned a potential UFO and alien conspiracy, but Red Dead Redemption 2 takes that one step further by having an actual spaceship descend on New Hanover.

You might have already come across a pretty unsettling shack in the area, full of skeletons and strange artefacts, the implication being that this is the remnants of a suicide club, with the remains of their robed leader still present at the front table. Adding to the mystery is a cryptic note next to the skeleton, which references a "voyager of time and galaxies". Weird.

You can find out just what the group was worshipping if you return to the shack at exactly 2am after that initial visit however, as a UFO beaming with green light will descend on your location. You can look up in first-person mode for a better view, but as soon as you leave, the ship will fly off, leaving you with more questions than answers.


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