Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 Reasons You Should Be Worried 

1. It Could Be Delayed AGAIN


When Rockstar delayed Red Dead Redemption 2 earlier this year, most players were crushed. After being so quiet regarding the sequel for years, a lot of fans were expecting a Fallout 4 style release: where the game hits shelves mere months after being announced.

Of course, now it's clear there was no chance of that ever happening. Being pushed from its vague late 2017 date to an even vaguer Spring 2018 slot, the developer seems sure that they'll be able to hit the new date, but if history is to be believed, they probably won't.

GTA V was announced in late 2011, with a second trailer dropping over a year later promising a Spring 2013 release, only to be pushed back until the September of that year. That pattern is eerily similar to how RDR 2 has been rolled out, and could indicate an even longer wait for the game going into next year.

After going dark for months, the latest trailer once again ended with the promise of an early 2018 release, but with less than half a year until that window expires, it doesn't bode well that the publisher isn't confident enough to put a firm date on the sequel.


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