With Resident Evil 6 being released last year to somewhat bad reviews, it left me thinking- how has this once great, genre defining game fallen so far from grace? The latest offerings have left many fans feeling frustrated at the drastic direction the game has went in recent years. Resident Evil 6 had some great ideas though some were poorly executed. They had shoe horned too many past faces into this game and trying to tie the series together and although it was nice to see, it became kind of messy.

To really give the series a boot up the proverbial, Capcom would need to make some changes to their next installment to make Resident Evil 7 a truly memorable experience.

5. Zombies… Just Zombies


Resident Evil 4 first introduced us to Las Plagas- thus not pitting you against actual, shambling walkers. These “infected” were considerably more intelligent, being able to go about their daily lives and attacking with some degree of teamwork and cooperation. This worked, however, it just didn’t feel the same as previous entries.

Granted that Resident Evil 6 reintroduced the zombie- albeit only in Leon’s campaign, it still wasn’t enough to save us from the annoying J’avo, enemies who could attack with machetes and machine guns. Capcom need to go back to basics and bring the bog standard zombie back.

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2013