Rumour: Developers Already Working With Next Gen Xbox & Playstation Hardware?

We know the Nintendo Wii U is going to be released sometime next year, but what about Microsoft and Sony’s next offerings?

Matt Mann


We know the Nintendo Wii U is going to be released sometime next year, but more and more rumors are pointing to the next generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles also being released in 2012. According to an EDGEUbisoft Montreal has development kits for the next generation Xbox and will receive “genuine devkits, running custom hardware” by the end of this year. Several other developers are said to be working with the same development kits including numerous EA studios.

In addition, apparently one Sony-owned studio has shut down development on PlayStation 3 hardware and moved all its’ focus to the next console. The studio was also helping Sony develop the graphics technology for their next generation console.

I believe in the motto “where there is smoke there is fire”; and there just seems to be one rumor after another pointing to the fact both Sony and Microsoft are trying to get their next generation systems out by next year. At this point I would be surprised if both Microsoft and Sony don’t release new consoles next year.

It is pretty evident that all three console makers learned how important it was to get your new system out first for sales purposes; and that is why I think both Sony and Microsoft don’t want to let the Wii U be the only new console system that is released in 2012. This year it was one of the greatest years ever for gaming software wise, next year it might be the greatest year ever console wise. Do you think we will see three new consoles next year?