After wowing us briefly at last year’s largely underwhelming E3 and distracting ever so slightly from the flop that was the Wii U, Maxis’ SimCity is finally here!

If you ever thought a simulator couldn’t get a “gritty” reboot, apparently you were wrong; the latest SimCity title – and the first full-fledged entry into the series in around a decade – attempts to lure us back in with a shiny, slick new presentation, a wealth of new features and a transfixing online component.

Yes, the “always online” DRM is again punishing paying customers while pirates will inevitably get to play the game DRM-free, but if you’re able to see past this, there is a (mostly) fantastic game waiting in the wings.

So, if you want a nice, relaxing break from all the tomb raiding, space monsters, cyborg ninjas and alien invasions we’ve had to deal with in the last month of gaming, SimCity is quite the refreshing tonic indeed.

Here are 9 reasons SimCity is awesome (and 1 reason it sucks)…



9 Reasons It’s Awesome…

9. It’s Ridiculously Addictive


Just like every other game in the series, SimCity is an insanely addictive title from pretty much the first minute you start playing. I imagine it will be easy for players to sink hundreds of hours into it within an exceedingly brief space of time, both a testament to the game’s relaxing quality and its insane longevity.

If you’ve conquered the previous games and assumed that, being a little older now, your addiction won’t again take hold, you’re going to find yourself proven wrong.

The enormously enjoyable manner in which Maxis has made everything slot into place is remarkable, and the clear care that has been put into improving upon the series’ previous accessibility issues is a huge step in the right direction. From the relaxing soundtrack to the various interface noises and general ease of use, everything is designed with the intention of fostering an unstoppable addiction. And what an addiction it is.

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This article was first posted on March 6, 2013