SKYRIM DLC Wishlist: Our Top 9 Must-Haves

With content announcements surely arriving on the horizon soon, WhatCulture lists nine things we want to see from the upcoming Skyrim DLC packs.

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

It surely can’t be long before we will all get to learn what Bethesda has in store for the first DLC pack available to Skyrim players: with the hardcore now having logged massive numbers of hours in the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise it’s getting to H-Hour, D-Day for the developer and we all have our own ideas of what should be included.

With that in mind, below are nine suggestions for what I would like to see. The tenth was going to be a Fallout 3 cross-pollination, pitting the two worlds against one another in a giant squall of multi-generational fantasy warfare. But that’s just ridiculous…

… Sorry lost in that wonderful world there for a moment. ¬†Anyway, here’s what should be included in the Skyrim DLC. Got any thought? Share them at the bottom.

New Areas

Surely very likely, given the rumours that the DLC will be substantial, and if one line of thinking is to be believed, Bethesda have included large areas of unused Tamriel terrain as a precursor to the unveiling of sizeable DLC updates. It seems entirely plausible that the areas could house new DLC, and it would be pleasantly cyclical to have Morrowind included in some way, with the inference being that Cyrodiil may appear as well. Fingers crossed, though it could all simply be a move to give modders more space to play with, authentically.

Either way, Skyrim fans deserve some new areas to explore regardless of where that is, and what tasks are unveiled as part of the reveal. And since Oblivion featured the Shivering Isles DLC, it would seem to suggest precedent has been set. If I had my own way, I would love to see either something supernatural as part of a new area, or a mission set in Orsinium to claim back land for the Orcs. That would perhaps make a good premise for the next Elder Scrolls, or an off-shoot, but to have it as DLC would be something of a dream.


Further Storage

In real life, horses carry saddle bags, and soldiers have multiple on-body storage compartments for lugging about a lot of kit, and yet Skyrim is far from realising its hero storage capacity. There is surely room for improvement there, with simple additions like more efficient utility belts, or those saddle bags to make accessing inventory a little more instant.


More Spells

Not like Accio Dragon, or Expelliarmus, but like real, heavy hitting spells – there seem to be far less in Skyrim than in Oblivion, so you really have to think this will play some part. Top of my own list would be spells to summon more creatures. With just two options currently, there has to be scope for more.


Weapon Wielding On Horse-Back & Horse Armour

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Attacking on horse-back should be a divine right for the Skyrim warrior, which also means pimpin your ride with as many protective enhancements as possible should also be thrown in for good measure. Side mounted horse cannons? Probably a step too far.


New Weaponry

Why no spears Skyrim? The history of world combat had been defined far more by spear wielders than any other weapon, prior to the age of the gun – yes the sword looks more impressive, and can allow for some flashier animations and close-quarters combat, but the spear is more devastating and would create a whole new combat dynamic even in familiar territory.

And a nice ranged weapon like a cross-bow might be useful and colourful as well, come to that.



If there’s one thing Red Dead Redemption and Duck Hunt have proved, it’s that hunting can be all sorts of fun, and the Elder Scrolls world would offer ample opportunity to introduce some pretty special hunting missions. Dragons, wayward wizards, flying horses – that sort of thing…


Dragon Riding

A lot has been said about the possibility of dragon riding appearing (and no doubt someone will mod it even if it doesn’t appear as DLC), with the major reservation being how it would change the entire spirit of the game with travelling made infinitely quicker and combat instantly more devastating – basically, making it unfair. But, you can already ride your accidentally flying horse off the side of mountains anyway, so flight wouldn’t even be a completely new experience.

There are those who will say that Bethesda are unlikely to bring dragon riding to the table just because it is asked for. Consider this though, all those who naysay: popularity and sustained clamour can result in success – see Diablo’s forthcoming console appearance for proof.

Further Customization Elements

New hair colours, hairstyles that sort of thing. Hardly on a par with some of the more flashy wishes, but if you spend as much time in a game as Skyrim encourages, you’re going to want a bit more variety in how you can make your character look. And who these days has the same hairstyle and colour for more than a few months?


A Zombie Pack

Come on, everybody’s doing it! And we already know Bethesda have a thing for the walking dead. So, bring on the horde style combat missions with innumerate brain-munching foes. A simple pleasure, but one that could make for a very interesting arena style dungeon, or just one great big stinking normal style dungeon.

So, there we have it. What would you like to see added to the DLC wishlist? Apart from some kind of revelation of the secret of the Dwemer – because that’s probably going to happen in a future game. I mean, it has to right?