Shortly after earning the title of “best game of the year” at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2012 in March, Bethesda announced Dawnguard, its first expansion pack for Skyrim, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

All, it seemed, was going well for Bethesda and its fans. Skyrim had been released to raving reviews, and gamers all across the world were busy clocking up hundreds of hours evolving their chosen characters.

Then came the news that Dawnguard would initially launch exclusively on the Xbox 360 console for a period suspected to be around 30 days. PS3 fans were at the time slightly put out, of course, but not to worry, they only had a month to wait. Then, as the days of May turned into weeks, and as June sat on the horizon, fans started to become concerned about the absence of the DLC’s availability on the PlayStation Network.

These concerns grew as June turned into July, with still no sight of the content. To make matters worse, Bethesda themselves began talking about an unknown “performance related issue” with the content, and even stated at one point that they weren’t positive the content would even launch on the PS3.

We are in 2013 now and still Bethesda are beavering away on getting the DLC content to the PS3 and still the rumours continue to fly. “When will the content arrive? Will it ever?

Here, we address the top five rumours for the future of Skyrim content on the PS3.

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This article was first posted on January 16, 2013