Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC – Making A House A Home?

I have found that the most readily available plot is available from the Jarl of Falkreath, called "Lake view manor".

Skyrim’s Hearthfire has been available for download for a few days now, and already everyone has bought their plot of land, built their house and is now living comfortably with their other half. This DLC does not have a specific “opening” as the Dawnguard add-on did, so having the availability to purchase one of the three plots may prove difficult if you have only just escaped the clutches of Alduin at Helgen.

I have found that the most readily available plot is available from the Jarl of Falkreath, called “Lake view manor”. This location is perfect if your always wanted to live in a cabin in the woods. The next plot of land, located just to the South East of Solitude, which can be bought from the Jarl of Morthal’s steward is located on the outskirts of a swamp, with your next door neighbor being a Nordic ruin, so maybe not the best place to raise the kids.

The final plot is available from Skald the elder in Dawnstar but the player must be at least level 22 to get the speech option to buy the land. The options for your house are varied, whether you want just a small cottage, or extended it to have a main hall, three wings to your home each with their own customisation, depending on what type of character you have created, whether your a warrior, mage, of a thief. The nine different halls have options to benefit your character, for instance a mage would would have an alchemy tower, enchanters tower and perhaps a library for that added aesthetic feel being an wizard. Similarly a warrior would of course show off what he or she has slain throughout their adventures, this comes about by having the option for a trophy room.

Every character persona is catered for in this add-on even being a father in the day and a vampire at night you’ll have to option to build a nice cosy coffin in your cellar for you to sleep off your last victim. You’ll also have the choice of making a follower a steward in your home, there can then purchase animals, resources and even bards to sing for your amusement while the dragonborn enjoys a well deserved retirement.