Smash Bros. Ultimate: 5 New Characters Revealed!

Could it finally be Waluigi's time to shine?!


The latest Nintendo Direct has landed, delivering a whole boatload of new Smash Bros. Ultimate information. In fact, make that a galleon load (hint hint).

Amidst enough new assist trophies to make the Harlem Globetrotter's honours' cabinet look utterly piddling, as well as a gentle tease of a mode we "can't talk about yet" (a return of Melee's Adventure? We can only hope), the one thing we were all hoping for was revealed: more new characters!

Smash Ultimate's E3 offering unveiled Splatoon-shooters the Inklings and Metroid's long-awaited bad-ass boss Ridley as additions to the roster. The kids-turned-squids and sinister Space Pirate are set to be joined in the fray by at least five more new brawlers, as revealed in today's Direct delivering.

Well, sort of. There are actually only two *brand* new pugilists, plus three extra 'Echo' fighters - altered clones of existing characters. Still, it's worth getting excited over. A series mainstay gets a playmate, and fans have finally been given a classic character a long-time conspicuous by his absence. Read on to find out who they are!

(And no, sorry: it's still not Waluigi. Keep the faith, Big W fans!)

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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