Spider-Man DLC: 10 Things The City That Never Sleeps Must Include

Three words: Playable. Black Cat.

Spider Man PS4 City that Never Sleeps Thumnbail

The next big release on the gaming calendar might be October's Red Dead Redemption 2, but fans shouldn't forget about the DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man, the first of which - The Heist - is set to release October 23.

The first part of the City that Never Sleeps arc, this particular entry will focus on Black Cat, who featured off-camera in one of the base game's side missions. The ending teases that the character, who goes by the name of Felicia Hardy in the comics, is planning something big - even going so far as to outfit the web-slinger with a brand new, Black Widow-inspired costume stashed away in her temporary hideout.

It's unclear what the other packs will include though, and while Insomniac's latest title is as close to perfect as a superhero game can get, there are a few things that could be improved for the DLC.

Fans are now fully invested in this version of the Marvel Universe, and with the time and resources available to further enhance Sony's latest console exclusive, there's a good chance this add-on content will genuinely be worth the wait.


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