Spider-Man DLC: 10 Things The City That Never Sleeps Must Include

10. More Open World Locations

Spider-Man PS4 Alex Ross
Marvel/Alex Ross

Insomniac's recreation of New York is wonderful, detailed, and stunning to look at at. It's also pretty big, but once players unlock all the swinging upgrades, they'll find themselves zipping from Harlem to the Financial District in no time at all.

This isn't an issue per se - quick and satisfying traversal is the cornerstone of any good Spidey game, and Insomniac have undoubtedly delivered in that area. It's just that once you've seen it all, going out on patrol around New York can feel somewhat repetitive. It's imperative, then, that the studio look to enhance the setting in the add-on content, whether that be via the addition of new side-missions and weather effects, or just by adding another place to visit.

In 2005's Ultimate Spider-Man (a game that was, until recently, the best Spidey game on consoles), the action was split across Queens and Manhattan. Spidey's OG stomping ground has since been overlooked in the medium however, and though it doesn't boast the same aesthetic of NYC itself, it's a key pillar of the Spidey mythos and one worth exploring all over again, should the opportunity be made available.

Failing that, giving players the opportunity to hitch a ride to Liberty Island - or swing on over to Roosevelt Island - would be great too.

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