Spider-Man DLC: 10 Things The City That Never Sleeps Must Include

9. What's Happened To Norman Osborn?

Norman Osborn Spider Man Ps4
Insomniac Games

While it doesn't make sense to wrap up any of the threads sparked in the ending until a sequel, those big revelations surrounding the Osborns have to be teased further in the DLC.

With Harry recovering in a symbiote and the black costume saga sure to follow - not to mention the pumpkin bombs lying on Norman's desk - the future is looking both bright and terrifying for Insomniac's Spider-Verse. If more seeds can be planted in the DLC though, then it'll make each story must-plays, as the direction Insomniac are taking the narrative takes on an irresistible new form.

It's not been confirmed if Norman will appear in the DLC, but wouldn't it be interesting if he was Black Cat's key target? If she's after something in his lab, then things could get even more interesting - especially now that he's resigned from office a complete disgrace and with the Hague, if we're to believe Morgan Michaels, sure to secure a prosecution.

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