Spider-Man PS4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Batman Arkham

How about we make the stealth good this time?

Spider Man Arkham Asylum

Though Batman might be the comic book character most people associate with gaming greatness today, there was a time where Spider-Man was the go-to hero for gamers everywhere. There was the iconic PS1 game narrated by Stan Lee, Activision's (two) great movie tie-ins, as well as 2005's adaptation of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

The character has, somewhat unfortunately, been in gaming limbo ever since. And, as Spidey began to absent the spotlight, Batman stepped in to fill the void, with Rocksteady studios leading the way with their seminal Arkham Trilogy - a series of games that, while far from perfect, brought fans the definitive superhero experience for the seventh generation of consoles.

Arkham Asylum kicked things off with a stunning Die Hard-esque story of The Dark Knight trapped on Arkham Island, Arkham City went one step further (and several back) by applying the same premise to an entire city area, and Arkham Knight… well, it has its flaws.

In any case, the series itself can provide a whole host of lessons for its superhero successors, some from its many, many successes, and others from its failures.

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