Spider-Man PS4: 11 Fan Demands That Must Happen

A Dr. Strange and Spidey team up NEEDS to be on the cards.

Spider-Man PS4

Although Sony have plenty of exciting games coming out in 2018, just about everyone's eyes are set firmly on Insomniac's Spider-Man. After years floundering under the shackles of Activision, suffering through movie adaptation after movie adaptation and being handed to one developer after another, Marvel have taken back control of their most popular character and finally put him in good hands.

Likewise, while footage released from the title so far has been few and far between, it's enjoyed a positive reception, showing off the entirely new, original story, jaw-dropping visuals and cinematic combat while teasing enemies from the hero's rogues gallery.

Still, there's some cause for concern, as although Insomniac are confidently striding ahead with their new vision, a few problems that have haunted the Web Head for years seem to have reared their ugly heads in these early showcases.

Consequently, if the developers want to make this the definitive Spidey game, they need to listen to the fans who've played (and suffered) through the pros and cons of the franchise for years, and these sought-after demands are where they should start...

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