Spider-Man PS4: Every Villain Confirmed (So Far)

Spider-Man's rogues' gallery is out in full force.

Insomniac Games

A hero is only ever as good as their villain(s). Nowhere else in Marvel's bulging multiverse does that phrase ring true more, than for our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. But then, does that really come as a surprise?

For a crimefighting icon that's pushing nearly 60 years of real-world age, it's to be expected that Peter Parker's alter ego would have wracked up a prison's worth of foes during his tenure as New York City's protector. A head count so numerous that fully representing Spider-Man's entire rogues' gallery in any medium, let alone the non-linear land of open world video games, is borderline impossible.

As Rocksteady was forced to do with the Arkham trilogy, Insomniac has no choice but to compromise on how many infamous adversaries of the Wall Crawler make the cut for launch, but not even the most entitled Spider-Man fan can fault the shortlist of finalists so far confirmed.

Wilson Fisk, Rhino and Norman Osborn, along with lesser-known entities like Taskmaster and Silver Sable have all booked their ticket, but Insomniac has no intention of stopping there.

Future DLC will see the already impressive list of individuals out for Spidey's head expand in the weeks and months that follow launch, and that's not even taking into consideration surprise reveals being intentionally withheld.

Who is the mystery sixth member of the Sinister Six? All will be revealed on September 7, but until then, it's time to speculate.

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