Spider-Man PS4: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

The lowdown on THAT moment, and those delicious post-credits scenes...


Marvel's Spider-Man is here, the critics (WhatCulture included) all love it, and it's likely that fans are already blitzing through the story. With an average 20-hour completion time, it's got oodles of quality and quantity, but its story also packs a punch, and even takes a few unexpected directions along the way.

Insomniac, headed by Spidey writer Christos Gage, have truly created something special, telling a narrative that compounds the wall-crawler's 65 year history into one, definitive and innovative tale all about Peter Parker's transition into adulthood. It's incredible, exciting, and truly one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of modern times.

Its ending, unsurprisingly, also has a lot to unpack. Taking into account all the tonal shifts, twists and mysteries to unravel, it's clear this is the start of something big. Like Arkham before it, Insomniac's new Spider-Man is set to launch a franchise of its own, and while we can't expect DLC to tie up any of these loose threads right away, expect an announcement for a sequel next year.

Suffice to say, there are MAJOR SPOILERS from here on in in. So if you haven't played Marvel's Spider-Man, or just don't want to know how the game ends, then you best look away now!

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