Spielberg’s Lost Sci-Fi Game LMNO: 3 Ways It Would Have Changed Everything

I don’t know whether you remember, but a couple of years ago EA and Steven Spielberg, arguably the greatest director…

Daniel Bowen


I don’t know whether you remember, but a couple of years ago EA and Steven Spielberg, arguably the greatest director of all time, and even more arguably the greatest science fiction director, got together to create a hugely ambitious and innovative game that quite possible would have changed the future of gaming forever.

That game was a project titled LMNO in its development stage… but unfortunately, for a series of many different reasons, the game was soon canceled.

I remember reading details about this game way back when and getting hugely excited about it. I also remember how disappointed I was when I found out that I’d never get the chance to play it.  This is probably the best game no one will ever play, and therefore one of the biggest gaming disappointments of all time.

If you can’t remember the plans for the plot of the game, here is a brief summary of what you could have expected to see:

You were to control a character named Lincoln who breaks out a female “alien” named Eve from a military base. You then spent the rest of the game building a relationship with this strange female creature as you both worked together to escape from the FBI. The alien character who worked alongside you would also evolve depending on how you treated her, but was completely mute, although had telepathic powers.  

Eventually (and don’t worry about spoilers… we will never ever see this game) Lincoln would discover that Eve was actually an evolved human from the future who had traveled back in time.

In case you missed it, here is the video the game creators made which displays the visual look and gameplay style the game creators where hoping to achieve for the final finished game…

OK, so maybe it sounds like it has a pretty awesome story and at this very early stage looks beautiful, but I bet you are thinking that claiming it would have changed gaming forever is a little bit dramatic? Well, I really don’t think so… and hopefully this list will show you the possibilities this project really had to offer the gaming world.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty bored with the current lack on innovation in the gaming world. Sure, you’d probably be right to argue that gaming is the best and most innovative it has ever been, and it is only getting better and better. But to me, games these days are all kind of blurring into one. Even the best games are basically the same as many other games you could buy. Gaming structure, level design and character control mechanics are pretty unoriginal, and very few games really offer the gamer something truly original, where we really have a unique, thrilling experience like no other. PS3’s Journey and the games Portal, Mirrors Edge and Heavy Rain are some great, recent examples of truly unique games, with gaming experiences like no other, but these games are still very rare, and even most of these followed pretty standard and tired gaming conventions.

Gaming needs to be shaken up a little. It needs to get excited again and really start to think way outside the box. We don’t just want better graphics and recycled storytelling; we want to be wowed again. In this day and age, with all the technological advancements we have going for us,  game designers shouldn’t start to become lazy… and unfortunately I really think this is unfortunately what is happening.  

I am truly starting to go off gaming completely, and it’s a shame this game was canceled, because this is the sort of experience that could pull me right back in.

Here is why LMNO had the potential to change the gaming world, and why it should be mourned because of this…