Star Wars Battlefront 2: 8 Major New Details You Need To Know

Ground-to-space combat is here! But there's a catch...

star wars battlefront 2

For a game that releases in less than two months, players know very little about Star Wars Battlefront 2. Few details apart from the barebones plot for the new single-player campaign and only a couple of videos showing off the game's multiplayer modes have released, seeing EA playing their cards very close to their chest overall.

However, thanks to some new trailers on EA's website, interviews with key developers and fans doing a bit of their own digging into the game's code, a wealth of exciting new information has come to light.

In particular, one major recent leak on Reddit has given us an insight into some of the new features that are going to be available in the game's forthcoming beta (hitting consoles for those who pre-ordered on October 4th, and everybody else on October 6th), revealing a bit more about what fans should expect to when they finally get their hands on the much-anticipated sequel.

Although the original Battlefront disappointed players thanks to a lack of content and virtually no longevity, EA has promised to right the wrongs of their previous release, and if these new details are anything to go on, it looks like they're on track to do so.


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