Star Wars Battlefront 2: 9 Reasons It's A Massive Disappointment

"The best Star Wars game of all time", to 2017's biggest disaster.

star wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versio

It goes without saying that Battlefront 2 is fast-becoming 2017's biggest gaming disaster.

From a sheer "hype-translated-into-launch-day-reactions" metric, you'll actively struggle to find anyone saying anything positive, with the general reception focusing on the egregious and predatory loot system, or laggy servers stopping even those who have no problem with it having any fun.

Indeed, the reaction to a property like Star Wars being riddled with what is genuinely a free-to-play mobile framework inside a full price retail game has tipped the scales. We've seen everyone from Belgium's own Gaming Commission investigate the game for child gambling, to Hawaii's representatives also label Battlefront a "Star Wars-themed online casino".

Latest developments include a straight-up boycott of the game despite Black Friday discounts, and EA's comments on Reddit being the most downvoted of all time have only given way to a mob mentality ripping the game to shreds.

It's a mess of 'Han shot first' proportions, but the question remains: What is Battlefront 2 like, day to day, now that EA are attempting to make regular fixes?

Is the campaign worthwhile? Does the loot grind really get in the way? Fundamentally, is Star Wars Battlefront 2 as bad as they say?

Well... erm, yes.

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