Star Wars Battlefront 3: 5 Reasons Why It Definitely Needs To Be Made

Why one of Star Wars’ most recognisable game products should be released and why it would be a success.

Nick Hargreaves


Out of all the cancelled games of recent years, I am confident none will ever come as close to being wanted more than the third true installment of this game series. No other shooter to this very date has had such an impact on me than Star Wars Battlefront and its 2005 sequel. It was every Star Wars geek’s dream to be able to do what you could in the games; defend your bases against TIE-Fighters in X-Wings, play your part in the intense opening conflict of the Clone Wars and even bring the fury of the Dark Side to the battle of Hoth with Lord Vader himself.

Back in 2008 however,a lot of fans must have felt worse than Anakin losing his right arm, as the rumoured third installment was cancelled, whipped away from us when it was apparently so near completion. It didn’t help that more footage and character models were leaked afterwards, adding to our pain – and you thought the Jedi had it bad with Order 66.

But in the last week we have had more news about this doomed sequel, so I figured we should go over some reasons in no particular order as to why exactly it would have done well, and why it still could.

Let’s have a look…