Street Fighter V: 15 Huge Roster Omissions That Must Return

8. Oni

Oni couldn't be more of a Marmite character, really. For every fan of Akuma's ascended form, there exists another that despises his very existence. Why? Well, because he's sometimes considered to be too good for serious play. Introduced as a bonus character of sorts, with Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Oni - along with Evil Ryu - entered the fourth main iteration of the series as fighters that were never really intended to be balanced. In fact, the two of them robbed both Gouken and the ordinary Akuma of their secret boss status and took ownership of the title instead. And if you want in idea of how hard that fight is, check this out: Since the early days though, Capcom have done a commendable job of balancing the character against the rest of the roster; he's still got some crazy moves (Demon Slash is infuriating), but he now has obvious weaknesses. Yes, he looks a bit like a Dragonball Z reject, but Oni's a unique take on the Shoto archetype - more so than others. He certainly deserves to return for Street Fighter V - Capcom just need to further tone down the crazy and give him a health pool similar to that of Akuma. Do that, and we're golden.

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