Super Smash Bros. Switch: 10 Overpowered Characters It Must Fix

Who's the next Meta-Knight?


Super Smash Bros. Switch is finally coming.

Despite being the best game in the series so far (yes, even over Melee), Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U didn't get the same amount of attention it probably should have, because of how poor the Wii U performed. Like many other Wii U-only releases now getting a second lease on life, it's exciting that Smash for Switch might actually bring the series back into the limelight like never before.

If this Switch version is actually a brand new game (and all signs are pointing to yes at this point) then there are a few things it needs to do before Nintendo go crazy with brand new characters and/or stages. One of the most important things this needs to do is balance its characters.

Even though the Smash developers work very hard to give each character their own weaknesses and strengths, some are just unarguably better than others. To make Smash for Switch the most accessible, fairest and enjoyable of them all, there's a handful of notable heroes and villains that need sorting out.


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