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As next gen consoles go the Wii U has had a pretty good outing thus far in terms of units sold and games released. Namco certainly has tried getting ahead of the game in this sense, releasing their console 18 months prior to the planned Xbox One and PS4, both due out next month. Supporting high definition graphics (a first for a Nintendo console) and with 2GB of RAM, the developers certainly mean business and will hopefully fare better then the GameCube did against the Xbox and PS2 in the decade just gone.

One of the Wii U games most anticpated for 2014 is Super Smash Bros, a favourite title from previous Nintendo consoles. The premise is simple, have varying fighting platform and introduce a plethora of characters spread from a vast variety of games. Mario can do battle with Link, Sonic can hope to defeat Pikachu etc etc. The idea is simple but fun at the same time and with every release gamers try to predict the latest roster. A limited number of names have already been made public for the next incarnation so rather then predict the most obvious characters to possibly join up I’m going to use my varying knowledge of gaming to select 10 characters I think (however doubtful) would make fun additions to Super Smash Bros on the Wii U.

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This article was first posted on October 2, 2013