Tekken 7: 10 Beloved Characters Namco Totally Left Out

Are they coming as DLC or something?

Tekken 4

There are two schools of thought when it comes to new a Tekken: Either each game should include every single character Namco have ever created, or - for the numbered instalments especially - there can be a more 'authored' attempt to provide a solid roster for that particular entry.

Tekken 7 is the latter, a far cry from the likes of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 where a whopping 55 characters from the series' lineage all came ready to rumble. Contrast against 2017's release, and newcomers like cutesy Lucky Chloe, mound of muscle Gigas or gender-swapped Master Raven are failing to connect with the fanbase.

To that end, you can't help but look to who could - and somewhat should - have been included, as Tekken is no stranger to iconic characters. In fact, many have become go-to favourites over the past two decades of titles, and it stands to reason that Tekken has more household names than every other fighting game combined, save perhaps for Street Fighter.

There's every chance Namco will release some of the following as part of the game's Season Pass or DLC in general, but for now, let's take stock of who just didn't make the cut.

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