Tekken 7: 10 Major Characters That May Not Be Returning

5. Kuma

Kuma the bear is a massive fan favourite, existing as much beloved comic relief, with his strange rivalry with Paul Phoenix and unrequited love for Panda dominating most of his story arcs - although that could prove to be the exact reason he doesn't make it in. Tekken 7 is already proving to be a much darker game judging from trailers, akin in feel to Tekken 4. Kuma€™s light heartedness may be out of place. He does have links to the Mishima storyline, being Heihachi€™s pet and bodyguard, but because he has only ever taken this comedy role he is certainly not needed for the concluding chapters of the family€™s story. One definitely hopes that Kuma makes a return, because he€™s an over-animated bear fighting humans, and that€™s always great, but he€™s definitely at threat of finding himself excluded if the tone of the entire franchise changes.

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