Telltale Games’ PUZZLE AGENT 2: Meet The Team

Meet the makers of Telltale Games newest release…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Like puzzles? Of course you do – after all, at the heart of every gamer in the world lies a little boy or girl doing their first jigsaw puzzle. Well, gamers of a certain age anyway. And this article is probably best aimed at that gaming community. Telltale Games have just released a featurette video introducing the team behind puzzle sequel Puzzle Agent 2, the latest in their line of cleverly-informed titles (following the episodic release of Back To The Future: The Game, and upcomers Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead).

And here is that video…

The game, which is based brilliantly on animations by artist Graham Annable, and follows up preceding title Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, the self-professed Lynchian/Kubrickian adventure puzzler, that was part Professor Layton, part Fargo. The first was an unpolished gem, which grew a fanbase founded more on its charisma than on any technical finesse or traditional playability, and it seems the second is following suite, taking those elements and introducing a whole new set of puzzles.

Thanks to Telltale Games, we have a copy of the game to give away. For your chance of winning, simply send an email to with the e-mail header Puzzle Agent 2. Make sure you leave your full name and address and please only enter if you are 18 or over. Good luck and the winners will be notified at the end of the month.

A review of the game will be posted early next week.