The Cave
It was announced this week that The Cave, a 2D puzzle-platformer/point-and-click adventure is coming to iPhones and iPads later this year. Developed by Ron Gilbert, the mind behind Monkey Island and other such games, in partnership with Double Fine, to create The Cave for console release last Christmas. While the game was wittily written and well animated, it’s insistence on players completing it 6 or 7 times to see every ending left a sour taste in the mouths’ of most gamers, as no matter how good a funny set-piece is it’s gonna get annoying after being forced to watch it over 5 times.

However, the iOS version may in fact solve some of issues found on console, such as the terrible handling. When playing the game with a controller it wasn’t uncommon for your characters to move further than you intended and walk straight off an edge and to their death. This might not seem like a big deal considering your character comes straight back to life Little Big Planet style, but for people trying to get the trophy/achievement for completing the game with zero deaths it is an infinite source of controller cracking frustration.

The touch screen on i-devices would theoretically be much more suitable then, allowing players to think more about each movement rather than accidentally running into a dragon’s stingy mouth. It’s also a sign iOS gaming is becoming a much more credible game playing device, as very few games have ever been ported from a console to a phone before, showing the industry is starting to appreciate the growing casual market that exclusively use their mobiles to game.

It’s set to come out this summer, so apparently Sega (the publisher) are allergic to specifity. If you’ve yet to play the game this iOS port is a more sensible purchase than the console version and will be undoubtedly cheaper, but if all you want is a point-and-click game you should probably stick with a classic like Simon the Sorcerer, which is available on iOS now.

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This article was first posted on June 19, 2013