The Last Of Us 2: 10 Things Fans DON'T Want To See

Making Ellie gay only to kill off her girlfriend minutes later. F*&%king classy, Naughty Dog.


After years of waiting, The Last Of Us 2 is finally nearing completion. With the full trailer for the game getting everyone buzzing for one reason or another, Naughty Dog is set to wow audiences again with the sequel to one of their most successful gaming narratives.

But a good sequel is just as much about what NOT to do as what you should do. And fans, upon retrospect, have found numerous faults in the game's mechanics and narrative that a sequel can and should improve upon. They've also made predictions based on the trailer that have filled many with dread.

Whether or not fan input is in any way a good idea is a case by case situation. Sometimes fans - unaware of the behind the scenes process - have no idea what they're talking about, and sometimes that outsiders' perspective is just what the creators need to hear before they implement something that will only disappoint/anger.

These ten examples are but a few of the many things fans DON'T want to see from The Last Of Us 2, and that Naughty Dog should try to avoid.


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