The Order: 1886 - 10 Reasons You Need To Play It

This generation just got real. Very, very real. With The Order: 1886, ReadyAtDawn and Santa Monica Studio External have arguably fired the first shots of this generation's console war. Big statement, we know, but with every generation, there's a fresh piece of exclusive IP so rich, so lucrative and so beautifully executed that it can't help but kick start the first wave of serious battle. After the pretty boring preliminary fisticuffs we've had between Titanfall and Killzone: Shadow Fall, between Sunset Overdrive and InFamous Second Son, between Xbox and PlayStation as a whole - it's time for each side to start flashing the big guns, to start making waves with those still on the fence about which of the two consoles to commitment to. The Order: 1886 was always going to be a big deal, and ReadyAtDawn have stated that it has been 5 years in the making, likewise, Sony seem to really be behind it as a new console exclusive franchise, but just how big of a deal is it, really? Trust us when we say that it's a big enough deal that everyone with the means to do so should be playing it. 2015 was always gonna be a big year for gaming as a whole, but it looks like it might just be the year in which this generation is finally kicked into gear.

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