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The Walking Dead has met success on every medium it has taken on. The amazing comic books were turned into an equally amazing TV show, and every Sunday night half of the population tunes in to see how many walkers are decimated by Rick and his loyal band of survivors. The TV show is so popular it even has its own talk show to follow its broadcast, and every Sunday night my Facebook feed lights up with people’s anticipation and reactions to the new episodes. Obviously the show is extremely popular, and rightfully so. The first season was incredible, the second season was debatable, and so far the third season has been explosively good. However, I have just a smidgen of disappointment after every episode, because I find myself wishing it was just a little more like the game.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead game came out of seemingly nowhere and took the gaming world by storm. It was story driven, suspenseful, action packed, and heart felt. It was emotionally charged and even kept the gamer guessing, which in turn kept you on edge, and those waits between episodes were sometimes unbearable. It donned some of the best characters of the year, one of the best stories of the year, and it never failed to surprise you. TellTale’s The Walking Dead was among the best and highest rated games of the year. It has swept up its fair amount of awards and nominations this season, and in turn, is giving another Walking Dead some fairly big shoes to fill.

Clearly there are a few hints the TV show could take from the game. Here are the 10 Reasons The Walking Dead Game is Better Than the TV Show. (Beware of minor game and show spoilers.)

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This article was first posted on March 23, 2013