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The New Tomb Raider developed by Crystal Dynamics is coming out March 5th and only being a Tomb Raider fan because I spent my time locking the old butler in the huge freezer; I wasn’t that excited about the news of the reboot. However, being one of the few games showcased at last year’s E3 that got my attention I did get excited when an early 2013 release date was announced.

But, the more I thought about the reboot the more anxious I become until a painful knot in my stomach began to tighten, and all the excitement turned into bile in my gut. I will say before I go any further that I love the new voice of Lara Croft – it sounds like Mary Poppins would if she completely lost her mind.

Here are five concerns I have with the upcoming Tomb Raider…

5. Do We Even Need A Reboot?

In my eyes no, we don’t need another Tomb Raider clogging up the already blocked franchise. Crystal Dynamics could have created an adventure game about a young explore struggling to survive on an island and it wouldn’t have been any worse than what they’ve done now. Obviously, Crystal Dynamics want to build a game upon an already likeable franchise so building a fanbase wouldn’t be as difficult – and I get that. I just don’t want this trend of rebooting old franchises because then, all we’re going to spend our time doing is re-playing as the same characters, basically the same stories, but with updated graphics.

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This article was first posted on January 27, 2013