Top 10 Zombie Games Of All Time

Chow down on our list of the best zombie games of all time!

Kayleigh Powis


Zombie games have been around for a while now, but in recent years we have definitely seen an explosion of the genre. It seems that gamers cannot get enough of the undead. Like everything, there have been some awful titles, but the good ones far outweigh the bad.

Here are ten of the best zombie games of all time.

10. Plants vs. Zombies


PopCap’s tower defence game has seen success across a number of platforms, and also presents what would be the only “cute” zombies in this list.

Plants vs. Zombies, as the name suggests, presents plants and assorted vegetation the task of protecting a house from zombies. What makes this game work so well is that not only is it a light-hearted look at a zombie invasion, but this tower defence style gameplay is actually quite addictive. PopCap have also piled on plenty of humour, such as the themed zombies (the Disco Zombie is one of the best). Of course, as the game progresses, the levels get exceptionally challenging, but thankfully it still retains it’s enjoyment throughout.


9. Dead Island

OK, so the game was considerably different from its original slow-motion reveal trailer, but that did not stop Dead Island from being an entertaining zombie survival game. Set on the tropical island of Banoi, Dead Island follows a bunch of survivors who are somehow immune from the virus.

Combining an RPG style levelling up system with first person combat, Dead Island is a much more enjoyable experience when played with another three friends via it’s online co-operative play.


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