Top 20 PlayStation 2 Games Of All Time

19. The Madden Franchise

What can you say about a franchise that has gone unrivaled since its creation? Practically every year of this game was a blockbuster and a masterpiece of sports gaming. In the era before online play, 1 on 1 Madden was as close as you could get to putting your friends to absolute digital shame. The 2004 edition was especially legit with the option of bringing your customized players from the NCAA franchise over into the professional world of Madden, giving your creations that much longer in their digital careers.

18. Burnout 3: Takedown

What can I say about Burnout 3? This game took the traditional racing concept, cooked it with an explosion, and served it all with a nice salad made of MONEY. The name of the game is how much money you can earn, and while there are racing options and traditional modes, my favorite part of this game was the crash mode. Basically your goal was to be the Joker and wreak as much havoc and destruction as quickly as possibly by using your car as a guided kamikaze bomb. The more stuff you destroy, the more money you get. If youre looking for mindless fun that provides you with days of entertainment, look no further. Burnout 3 is what every kid really wanted to do with his matchbox cars.
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