Top 8 Anti-Heroes of Shooters!

Everyone loves an anti-hero. They are the guys you love and hate but can't ignore. What Culture! picks the Top 8 Anti-Heroes of Shooters...

Everyone loves an anti-hero. They are not the clean cut types who play by the books or are necessarily the kind and friendly date you bring back to your parents, but instead they kick ass and take names. They are the men (and sometimes women) who know what they need to do but frankly don€™t give a damn when they piss someone off, bend the rules to help their cause and if you get in their way you€™re bound to know about it. They are the guys you love and hate but can't ignore. What Culture picks the Top 8 Anti-Heroes of Shooters...

8. Jack €“ Bioshock

While maybe not the obvious choice when it comes to anti heroes, the protagonist of Bioshock can become what you make him, most obviously when it comes to the Little Sisters, the choice of saving them or harvesting them for more ADAM can turn Jack into an anti-hero at the whim of the player.

7. Private Preston Marlowe €“ Battlefield: Bad Company

Marlowe is one of the four which make up Company €˜B€™ in the Battlefield offshoot. Placed in the squad for damaging a General€™s limo while joyriding in a helicopter, Marlowe makes a name for himself by getting the job done, and with the help of his squad, making a name for €˜B€™ Company both in BF:BC and its sequel.

6. Jackie Estacado €“ The Darkness

Jackie is our protagonist from The Darkness. With links to the mob and being possessed by a malevolent spirit, inventively named €˜the darkness€™, with a taste for human hearts, Jackie has the dark and brooding thing going on and making him ideal for our list.

5. Max Payne

One man vigilante, out for revenge on the criminal underworld out to avenge the deaths of those close to him, Max is essentially an introvert, a determined one at that. A gun toting rogue cop is almost classic when it comes to anti-heroes.

4. Ghost €“ Modern Warfare

Simon €œGhost€ Riley is the only non protagonist to make the list, but while often seen as one of the most liked characters of the Modern Warfare series, known best for his skull balaclava, Ghost has one hell of a story to tell even outside of his professional life. Killing his father to take care of his abused mother, aiding his brother to get clean from drugs, and seen in game to have no problem with a bit of torture, Ghost makes the list at number 4.

3. John Marston €“ Red Dead Redemption

Former outlaw, known for bank robberies and acts of murder whilst running with a gang, Marston enters the game as leaving behind his old life and forced into a fight against his old gang and their affiliates in order to save his family. Gruff but polite, Marston represents the old €˜wild west€™ feeling at a time when technology was changing the world around him. His past and redeemed character, in addition to his sometimes underhanded approach to things puts him at number 3.

2. Marcus Fenix €“ Gears of War

A war hero, known best for leading Delta Squad and having all sorts of family issues, Marcus is the poster boy for the Gears of War series. While not entirely a €˜people person€™ Marcus, while presenting a rather gruff and cold exterior is fiercely loyal to those who deserve it, and displays something of a dry sense of humour throughout the series. His military career, including disgrace resulting in imprisonment, and his redemption leading back to war hero status put him at number 2.

1. Duke Nukem

No anti hero list would be complete without the one and only Duke Nukem. Known to be the burliest of action guys, he always has a quip at hand while killing whoever gets in his way. The original anti-hero, while we may not all agree with his womanizing, gum chewing, ass kicking ways, I think most will admit he deserves the top spot. Agree/Disagree? Sound-off below....

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