Ugh… More MASS EFFECT 3 Multiplayer Rumors

More rumors today unfortunately surfaced that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer but it will only come as downloadable content and not with the actual game.

Matt Mann


More rumors today unfortunately surfaced that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer but it will only come as downloadable content and not with the actual game. According to this rumor the multiplayer will come a month after the game has been released and will be added on as DLC;

“So I know this is a sore subject with most people, and I am tired of hearing rumors about it too, but I just had a games conference for my work where publishers come in and talk about upcoming games and we get to see/play demos. In the presentation for EA they brought up Mass Effect 3 and pointed out the best points about the game and the Collectors Edition.

In these bullet points, and stated by the EA representative presenting the game, there would be a multiplayer mode available as DLC around a month after the game is shipped. No other information was given, maybe it’s something they’re announcing at Gamescom? (some of what we got to see were said to be “exclusives” as they were not due to be shown until gamescom.)”

This is the rumor that never seems to die and Bioware or EA won’t confirm either way, so by this point I have a feeling this is inevitable. What I don’t get is who does EA think they would be reaching by including multiplayer in this game? Are there still people on the fence about buying a Mass Effect game but are just waiting for multiplayer? Sorry this just really pisses me off because I don’t believe anyone was saying after playing Mass Effect 2 what that game need was multiplayer.

Don’t get me wrong, multiplayer DLC is much better than multiplayer being forced into the game and you having no choice on paying for it, I just think Bioware’s time would be better spent on the single player aspect of the game. I wrote an article a while back imploring Bioware to allow people to choose  who they want as their permanent squad mates, personally I feel this would be a better use of Bioware’s time.

On the other hand it could be good, because if the multiplayer DLC tanks like I think it would, Bioware may not put multiplayer in future Mass Effect games. I don’t know maybe I am wrong and multiplayer will sell an extra 10 million copies.  What do you think, does the thought of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 excite you?  Or do you think that Mass Effect 3 downloadable content will be a huge flop?