Uncharted 3 is turning out to be one of the most successful launches ever for the PS3. In one week the adventure title has sold 1.1 million copies, and according to VG Charts that is actually 30% higher than sales for Uncharted 2. In addition, VG Charts also mentions how this is the “4th biggest exclusive launch for a PlayStation 3 game, behind Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War 3″.

This is not totally unexpected of course. With the success of Uncharted 2 people have been eagerly anticipating a follow-up since the minute they completed it two years ago. Then there’s not to mention the nearly perfect review scores and praise from fans all over the world for the threequel. The only complaint that I have heard is from a very small minority of people that game does not live up to Uncharted 2 but those seem to be quiet voices so far.

I have yet to pick up my copy of the game but I anticipate doing so fairly soon. For people who have already beaten the game, is Uncharted 3 better than Uncharted 2 or could it not live up to its predecessor?

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2011